Gold Harvester

Rebel Gardens


Rebel Gardens is a proud sponsor since 2016. Proving us NON-GMO organic unique seedlings. Thank you for your unconditional support!

NRE Prints


NRE Prints is a proud sponsor since 2017. Providing us all our custom printing  and clothing articles. Thank You!

San Diego Downtown Partnership


SDDP sponsor since 2018. Focused in reviving our beautiful downtown and providing us a space to thrive within our downtown community. Thank You! 

First 5 San Diego


First 5 San Diego is proud sponsor  since 2018. Providing us in kind donation towards gardening tools and equipment. Thank You!

City Farmers Nursery


 City Farmers Nursery is a proud sponsor since 2017. Providing us soil testing for all our gardening projects along with unlimited gardening guidance. Also provides us a space to grow and educate within the nursery! Thank You! 

The Pollination Project


The Pollination Project is a proud sponsor since 2019. Proving in kind support towards our Bi-lingual and Disabled gardening workshops. Thank you for all your support!

Silver Grower

Imperial Beach Eagle & Times

Providing us special headlines and articles on all our upcoming events! Thank You!

Bronze Germinator

Kobey's Swamp Meet


Kobey's Swamp Meet is a proud sponsor since  late 2018. Providing us a unique space to create our family workshops along with unlimited in kind support. Thank You!

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We love working with our local businesses,organization and individuals. If you would like to sponsor any of the items listed below. Please don't hesitate to contact us!

-Organic Soil

-Planters (all sizes)

-Gardening Tools & Supplies

-Marketing Flyers & Prints

-Online Marketing

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