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Preschool Program


Community Events


Community Workshops


Events & Workshops


Gardening & Craft Events

Its important to create events where communities, families and individuals come together and create diverse  gardening inspired crafts.


Agriculture, Cooking & Planting Educational Workshops

We provide several array of workshops from seeding, cooking and planting. All guided to cultivate to  agriculture at home. 


Community Workshops

We work closely with our community centers and provide fun gardening activities. All catered to families and children.

Preschool Program

Gardening Space


We create a custom unique fitting garden space for our little ones. Where we ensure the environment and space fulfills their needs to establish a successful garden.

Direct Sow Planting Activity


We've create a planting hands on activity. Where all our little ones receive one on one planting experience. It's important for us to be able to work and inspire all our little ones individually.

Weekly Garden Maintance

Once a week we provide gardening maintenance. Where we ensure our seeds flourish; receive all the at

Once a week until harvesting. We provide garden maintenance to ensure every seed planted receives the attention,care and supplies it may need to grow.

Composting Activity


We provide a custom made composting school bin or create individual vermicomposting container for each child. 

Harvesting Activty


After months of sowing each of their seeds we harvest the fruits which each child.

Gardening Kit


We provide take home gardening kits that include all materials needed to start their own garden at home.

Our preschool program is unique and customized for each school. If you would like to learn more please contact us to setup a  meet and greet with one our team members! To further provide best program schedule for your school and little ones.

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